And the winner is…

…To the Blue Galaxy!

Thank you so much for all of the comments and messages as to which of my images I should make a large print of! I got a lot of useful feedback as well from peers to help make it transition very well from screen to print. So, without further ado, I made a video where I talk a bit about it!

And just like I mentioned in the video, and in the original blog post, this was originally a bracketed shot. I wanted to show you what those shots looked like before I started editing them:


So as you can see here, a lot of the colors actually aren’t too well seen in any of the images, they were still rather blown out by the exposures. So as part of the edit, once combined, I went in and also adjusted the saturation of each color a little bit to bring the original colors that I had seen in life back into my image, which, as you know, got me this:

To the Blue Galaxy

Thanks once again for all of your help in making this decision, and if you are interested in getting your very own print of any of my images, or even for your own copy of my photobook, leave me a comment, or message me on any of the following places, and I will get you the info as soon as I can!





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