Just an introduction

Hello Everyone!

My name is Jacob. I am an aspiring graphic designer and freelance artist. I am a BYU-Idaho graduate, with a BA in Studio Art, emphasis on graphic design. I am fluent in German, and would love the chance to be able to do some international work in Europe.

Mistakes happen all the time. In art, it seems to be an integral part of the creative process. Mistakes, however, are not what define the piece, nor are they what define us. In fact they are a way in which we learn and grow into a masterpiece. While I was working on a watercolor piece, I made a fatal mistake and destroyed the entire project. Luckily, I filmed the entire painting process (shown below, sped up). Because I felt like I had failed the piece, I almost destroyed the film. Something told me to watch it instead. As I did, I learned that I had applied to many layers on top of wet layers before letting them dry, which resulted in blurring the details, as well as destroying the paper. Blown away from this discovery of my tendency to overwork and rush, I was able to move forward and create even better pieces.

Let “mistakes” become lessons, learn from them, and never let the fear of making one ever stop you from ever going out and creating a masterpiece.

Just to show some of the paintings that I created later, after learning from this “mistake”, here are a few examples:


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